Name chosen

I was reading and reading, checking out sanskrit, pali and summerian words. When i left off a couple of days ago, my search screens were open to parvati. i love the concept of parvati, submissive to her godly husband but also his rock. So, i started digging and came up with about 20 more words.

But, one that really jumped out at me was ‘

It could be partly due to the fact that i’ve been reading the ‘Dark Tower’ by Stephen King and there is a song in there about ‘Kamala’, though i did find out that they spell it ‘Camala’. i like the ‘K’ spelling of it though.

And the more i researched her, the more i liked what i read. i also couldn’t believe that i have come across her name before in the book ‘Siddhartha’. And after re-reading that chapter, i can see why her name and archetypal energy really speak to me.


Here is what i’ve put together, the pieces that speak to me and that i’ll embrace by taking on her name:

- Hindu Goddess who manages spirituality, love, passion, pleasure, relationships, self-love and sexuality.

- Symbolizes good humor, optimism, confidence, clear-thinking, wide horizons, wisdom, spontaneity, and authenticity

- Courtesan that taught Siddhartha the ways of love-making

- Siddharthas strength is equaled by the strength of her love

- Siddhartha is admiring and authoritative at the same time

- Kamala equals the ‘Lotus Goddess of Delight’

- Kamala is a form of Shakti energy

- Kamala is seen as part of Parvati

- Parvati is seen as the submissive, obedient wife and helpmate of Shiva, the shakta’s see her as his equal with different strengths

- Parvati’s story with Shiva is about merging with the Divine

- Each of Parvati’s manifested forms (of which Kamala is one) made Shiva realize essential truths, made him aware of the truth of their eternal love

- Kamala is also seen as another version of Lakshmi, though unlike Lashmi she isn’t associated with normal wifely or social norms

- Kamala is one of the 10 Wisdom Goddess. A very power goddess in her own right, able to stand on her own.

- It is their power that pervades the Gods, and enables them to perform their cosmic functions

- The Gods support the Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses)

- Kamala is the pure creative force, the power to create beauty and wealth around us, and to see the beauty in everything.

- She is a powerful Tantric Goddess.

- Kamala teaches us that when we commit ourselves to the spiritual path, as we move farther along we begin to see beauty all around us

- Kamala is of spiritual progress. With her help, we learn to drop the drama of everyday life, and release the bitterness towards those that have harmed us or bruised our egos

- She helps us see the god/dess in everything and everyone

- She is the spirit of nature itself, and is manifest in the natural world.

- By recognizing her beauty in the natural world all around us, we also move further down the path of the sadhaka, the spiritual practitioner who communes with God in every moment, and offers every action to the Divine Mother as worship, remaining detached from the fruits of action and enjoying the acts of service, generosity and prayer for their own sake.

- She is the spirit of giving, not of taking. She is the spirit of receiving graciously and gratefully, not of greed.

- Kamala as lotus goddess also represents developement of the person by maintaining the dharma of keeping the seven chakras open.

- She is very sattvic like Venus or Aphrodite

- She is the Light Goddess and likes fine and sattvic things and actions like charity.

- She gives peace, prosperity and pleasure, and moksha.

- In epistemological and psychological sense, moksha connotes freedom, self-realization and self-knowledge.

The Hindu ‘lotus girl’ of pleasure promotes ongoing faithfulness in our relationships inspired by mutual enjoyment and an abundance of love.

- Kamala also makes us aware of the spiritual dimensions in our physical exchanges that sometimes get overlooked.


Symbols - lotus, yellow objects

We can workshop Kamala simply by spending time in nature and appreciating its profound beauty, and also by beings stewards of the earth.

Anything that includes cinnamon, garlic or saffron is a good alternative choice, as these items bear Kamala’s lusty energy.

To improve your ability to give and receive love, including self-love, wear yellow-colored clothing today, especially an item that is worn near the heart chakra (a blouse, shirt, tie, bra or perhaps a gold necklace or tie back). As you don that item, say,

‘Let pleasure flow freely from my heart;
Kamala, abide there - your love impart.’

Wear this piece of clothing or jewelry again anytime you enact spells or rituals focused on sexuality or relationships.

** the trick is to remember to embrace her name as a verb, instead of a noun **