Starting a New Day


Well, today is a first. And as Master told me last night, it is one of many ‘firsts’ that i have accomplished. i’ve had many jobs that had a first day. i’ve had a first child, i’ve had a first second child, i’ve had a first grand-child, i’ve run for a first Leather contest, i’ve won a first Leather contest, i’ve lost a first Leather contest, i’ve opened a first Meditation Center, i’ve written a first book, i’ve written a first second book, i’ve presented many first workshops in many first cities. I’ve walked a first half-marathon and there will be many more ‘firsts’ for me. And because of all this experience with ‘firsts’ and being successful with so many of them, i will do ok with this new ‘first’ of starting a new job.

And He was right. Today wasn’t so bad, and I’m already calculating the paycheck. My first day was today and my first pay will be this Friday. How weird is that?

i still missed the pup. But, they let us leave early which means i got to come home and be taken out to dinner and then interviewed someone for the podcast, chilled and watched an episode of ‘Lost’ and shot Master in a game (or 4) of ‘Call of Duty’. :)