Water retention

The Scale Addiction

The scale addictions is a real thing. Today i’ve been craving stepping on that little white box, which is my Wii platform, to hear it go ....’OH’, when i step on it. Then, to watch as my little mini mi blows up as it calculates my size....waiting to see what the magic number of the day is. Is it a ‘good’ number that i can be proud of? or a ‘bad’ number that i need to be ashamed of, regardless of all the good exercise i’ve done, and the great food choices i’ve made.

i’m on track with all my goals this 12 week period. Walking, Biking, Hiking, good food choices, meditating, personal trainer, no potatoes, less sugar......great choices. So, why do i need to see that number?

A friend of mine sent me an article that is aimed at personal trainers....explaining what can drive the scale number up even when their clients are doing the right thing. From eating something close to the time of weigh in, to water retention from hormones, to stress hormones holding onto chemicals from our food.....lots and lots of things can make that number on the white box fluctuate from 5 - 10 pounds. Amazing!

So, stay off the white box....and keep doing the right thing for getting fit.