Weight loss Challenge

Challenges and Weight Loss

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Just some free flowing chatter about my weight loss challenges over the last 8 years.

*edited to take out some of the ‘thoughs’

It’s taken me 8 years to lose this much weight.

Sometimes, the idea is frustrating that it’s taken 8 years. But, at least I’m at where I’m at today. It could be that I was still at the beginning and not working on it for the last 8 years. I think that would be more frustrating.

Why 8 years? Why not the surgery or a fad diet plan that would take it off quicker? Well, honestly, the surgery scared me. I know people that have had it done and it be successful, and I know others that have had it done and it ruin their life. So, it was going to be the hard way, or not at all.

Yes, I know that doing the surgery is hard as well, but I still think it’s the easier route or else the surgery wouldn’t be needed. Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘harder’ and ‘easier’ though. Just different.

I’m glad I didn’t do the surgery though. To be honest, I will admit that there were times when I was frustrated enough to give in to it. Which frustrated me more. But, there were times when i just wanted it to be ‘after’. To be after the struggle, after figuring out food, after all the exercise. Not sure if that makes sense, unless you’ve also been through that struggle.

As for why not do a fad diet that would drop the weight quick? Well, honestly, I did those many times. They never worked. I’d lose a little for a couple of weeks, get frustrated and gain it all back plus more. I was following my moms footsteps and was not looking forward to a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

So, what I’ve done instead is change up my eating to match what my body thrives on. For me, that’s low carb, high protein. It’s hard to stick to sometimes. And I’ve done sections of time where I’ve switched to counting calories. They both work, but the low carb one is easier for me to stick to for some reason.

The main thing I’ve worked on besides food, is the exercise portion. I’ve had to change it up a lot over the years, because there isn’t one plan that seems to keep me motivated.

I was just going through some old journals that I was scanning, and realized that I’ve done some really creative things over the years to keep up with the exercising. It can’t stay the same or it gets to boring. And it’s got to be a challenge for me.

Master has set up a couple of contests, and I’ve set up some goals for myself. They’ve all worked.
Let’s see……for over a year, I was challenged by Master to walk at least 20 miles a week. If I did, I won a reward. Sometimes that was really hard! If I didn’t get my walking in at the beginning of the week, it left me walking 7-9 miles at a time just to get my 20 miles in. But, I did it more than not. More to prove that I could.

After that, or even during that same time, Master had a contest where if you exercise for 5 days, and stuck to a food plan, you get a skip day. We would then keep track and the first person to take a skip day when they didn’t have any to take, lost, and the other person got an amazon card. That was direct competition and was a lot of fun. Funny enough, we each found ourselves supporting each because neither of us needed the amazon cards.

During this time I was also bike riding, building up to 7 miles a day with a 20 miler once a week, until I blew up my elbow and needed surgery. Once I was allowed to exercise after surgery, I started training for a 5k. Ended up with a cyst and even more surgery. No more jogging, but I was allowed to walk. So, I decided to train to walk a half-marathon. I knew I’d have to go back to work at some point after that summer, so that was my chance to train for this. That was a summer for of walking!

Once that was accomplished, it was time to train for a 5k again. But, I kept hurting myself each time I trained for it. So, I as soon as I started my new job and had a little money, I got a personal trainer. First once a week and then twice a week. That was a year of having my butt kicked, but it was amazing work! At the end of my time with him, I trained for a 5k again and finally succeed in jogging a complete 5k!

We also did a 12 week challenge with a local running store. That helped me get off 9 pounds and look at my food choices. 3 of us did it and though we weren’t really in competition with each other, it was still motivating.

We’ve done it between the 3 of us over the last year, every 12 weeks. Sometimes it was motivating, sometimes not.

Not only that, but for some crazy reason I also trained on my own for a mud ninja. Crazy! But oh so fulfilling even though I only did about ½ the challenges.

During all of this, the weight is coming off. 40 pounds, 50 pounds….up until the point I’m at now at 90 pounds off.

What is my next challenge? I have a 5k coming up in a couple of weeks and another mud ninja next summer. But, I’ve already jogged a 5k and a mud ninja. So, what’s next? What else can I do before the next mud ninja? I want to lose 30 more pounds and I just can’t seem to do it without challenges.

The 12 week challenges don’t seem to work anymore. Jog a half marathon? Yeah, probably not. Jogging is boring for me. Biking? That would be fun, but it’s turning to fall and I won’t be able to train during the winter. I can start that in the spring.
There has got to be something else…….i want to get off this last 10-30 pounds. What would challenge me and be fun?